Exhibitor Information

Vendor Booth Reservations are due June 30th with final payment by July 24th.  If you know any metaphysical, holistic, and readers wanting to participate please have them submit their applications soon.  LifeVibration’s goal for the first year event is to allow practitioners, skeptics and believers alike an experience no just a visit to the event.

Vendors are encouraged to bring products that will supply, educate and motivate individuals to partake in the science of metaphysics expanding participation of our work just like a doctor or therapist.


Vendor Checklist

  • Application / Payment submitted
  • Booth materials prepped
  • Spread the word to your email and friends list
  • Decided on electricity or not for booth
  • Booked hotel arrangements
  • Provided Web Display Information
  • Decided on additional Advertising Opportunities
  • Decided on Door Prize Giveaways